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Auditorium Paganini

The Auditorium Niccolò Paganini is located near the centre of the town of Parma and is dedicated to the namesake violinist, who returned to Parma under the employ of Archduchess Marie Louise of Austria to reorganize her court orchestra. The Auditorium was designed by the architect Renzo Piano, who was able to re-use the existing buildings of the former sugar factory Eridania and turn them into a new concert hall.

The Bed&Breakfast represents a good alternative to other more traditional forms of hospitality, for those travellers who look for an accomodation with a domestic atmosphere and want to have a direct and informal contact with the local people. So come and spend your holiday in a friendly and comfortable environment, so you can feel like home!

Our association includes more than 88 structures located on the whole territory in and around Parma: from the valley to the mountain, from the hills to the town.

Wherewer you will go, you will find a safe and comfortable room, a rich and tasty breakfast and the smile of the people welcoming you.

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